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Martial At 5 Mos Old

After nearly a year's wait- it was well worth it! Martial is everything you would look for in an American Boxer! Martial, a semi-flashy fawn, was flown in from South Dakota and comes from amazing champion bloodlines on both dam's and sire's sides! Names such as CH Victory Levi Riding High and CH Aeronay's Desperado appear as recently as within a 4 generation pedigree. Further in his pedigree are even more phenomenal show titles including many INT/AM/CAN Champions. He comes from heavily health tested lines. Martial is the complete package and will make an amazing new stud here at Professional Boxers! He has had the "strut" since only his first few weeks of life- literally prancing around as if he belongs in the show ring. His markings are gorgeous and quite symmetrical, conformation spot on with a great head, sharp stop and nice square short muzzle. His brains and temperament are all that we've hoped for and more! We are so thrilled about the prospect of puppies from this little ham of a man and all the ways that he will compliment our ladies wonderfully. 

CKC Black Sands On Kihei Beach Of Prof.



We've been toying with the idea of adding a sealed brindle (black) Boxer to our little herd for years now. Finally- we've found the perfect little gem that should add greatness to our breeding program! Kihei (pronounced Key-Hay) is named after a stunning Hawaiian black sand beach and literally means shawl or cloak. With a passion for the tropics- this name couldn't be more fitting for this gorgeous little lump of coal! This girl has some sizable dogs in her immediate lineage which will be helpful in our program. Dad is an estimated 80lbs, and dad's sire is about 95lbs. Kihei is a classic black Boxer (correct terminology is sealed brindle- but these dogs appear black in color.) This girl, while very young, looks quite promising already! She has a nice wide, snub muzzle, large nicely shaped head, perfectly arched neck, beautiful topline, wonderful markings, and an inquisitive, curious personality. We are so excited to see how she continues to grow and develop!  


Veda pictured at 8 months by the campfire
Naturally stacking, she's showing off her lovely conformation and flashy great looks!

Veda is our first homebred Boxer keeper! She's an exceptional Flashy Fawn! Veda was the most sought after in her litter for her gorgeous "fierce" expression, precious outgoing personality and perfectly flashy markings. We've yet to see flash as nicely placed as Veda's. She has 4 beautiful white socks, an enormous white chest, completely full white collar and beautiful white mask/blaze. Veda's structure is absolutely breathtaking at 2 yrs old and she wows us more and more with each day's development. Her head and muzzle are impressive, she has some very attractive American traits yet has the nice, heavier boning of both parents. Veda's personality is more mature and serious, yet extremely outgoing and social, like Maggie's. Veda, while resembling her sire, definitely has her mom's reliable family guardian personality. Veda loves water and we catch her laying in the doggy pool all the time! We are anxious to see how both Maiden and Veda continue to develop.


Kona naturally stacking during a camping trip!
Finally! We tried forever to get this pic- she's not too mature & wiggles way more than she stacks!!

This recent photo is Kona at camp. She is almost 2
.....and continues to wow and amaze us each day from her great personality to her dazzling looks!

Kona, named after a Hawaiian white sand beach, is our magnificent little opal! At 3 years old, she's developed into everything that we could have hoped for! She's pure white with an absolutely gorgeous face/muzzle, wonderfully shaped head with perfect ears and nice conformation. She is an outgoing, fun loving, adorable gem and she loves everyone. Kona is so much fun and always keeps everyone laughing. She's truly everything we could've hoped for! She's obedient, loving, intelligent and driven. Sadly, her drive leads to mischief more often than not. Kona is such a problem solver, she can escape any enclosure. Kona would do best on a runner or a hitch out set up while outside. She can't be trusted in the kennel due to her craftiness. If you are a busy or active person/family and can provide Kona with the stimulus she needs to stay happy and content, please email us. We are asking $650 on spay contract. Kona is current on all vaccinations and well checks.


May Day's Miss Maggie May
She doesn't take her guarding responsibility lightly!

Retired! CKC May Day's Miss Maggie May is our gorgeous fawn Boxer. To Maggie we owe it all. Gifted to us in 2007 when relatives were unable to keep her, she was the foundation of our breeding program and the reason we decided to GO BOXER. In addition to her great looks, she has a wonderful mellow, laid back, very friendly, outgoing and tolerant personality. Very few dogs are as intelligent as she is. Maggie is about 65lbs on a well-built, nicely conformed frame. She’s got a gorgeous expression and wonderful head with nice body structure, great feet and overall conformation. She is wonderfully tempered around everyone (yes, even at the vet!) She is also a great guard, however, always making us aware if there is an intruder around. She  is our matriarch female, and has always been perfectly healthy. We are very privileged to be owned by this darling beauty.


White Boxers Sadly, there is a lot of  misinformation available online regarding the regal white Boxer. While it is true that there is a higher incidence of deafness in whites (approximately 17%), the majority of whites have excellent hearing (the other 83%!) This is no different than dalmations who share the same gene. White Boxers are completely indifferent to fawns/brindles in every other regard. They are not more likely to become susceptible to hereditary diseases than colored Boxers. Questions and Answers: Do they sunburn easily?- Well, it depends on the dog! Most dogs know to move out of the sun when they've had enough, whites are not necessarily more likely to sunburn than other colors of Boxers. For instance, most whites have black pigment on their noses. Are they aggressive?- Not if they were from temperamentally sound breeding/training/socialization. A white Boxer is NO MORE LIKEY to be aggressive than any other color or breed of dog for that matter. Genetics and upbringing play an important role. Are they blind?- No studies to our knowledge have shown higher chances of blindness in whites. Are they deaf?- As mentioned above, about 83% (more than 8 out of 10) white Boxers have perfectly normal hearing. If a white Boxer puppy is among that minority (about 17%) that is born deaf, not all hope is lost! Both deaf dogs and dogs with hearing learn in many different ways! You can/should teach any puppy both voice/visual commands anyway, this is great practice in case your dog develops deafness in late life or if you're ever out of hearing range with your dog (behind a window/door/etc). Deaf dogs can learn through other visual aids as well. What is all the controversy over whites anyway?Well, there are several theories. White Boxers are fully registered with the AKC- but cannot compete in conformation because they are not a recognized color (AKC breed standard states no Boxer shall have more than 30% of it's body covered in white.) The primary reason behind this is that white Boxers are more noticeable, which was an issue when they were used in war as messengers, etc. This is NOT an issue for today's Boxer purpose- or the reason most people acquire a Boxer- as a healthy, sound Pet! Most WBF (White Boxer Friendly) kennels and enthusiasts feel that many of the myths that circulated about whites were spread by breeders that wanted to justify the killing of their white puppies to make themselves feel better about it by stating to potential new owners "Well, the puppy was deaf anyway. He wouldn't have lived a normal life. He would have been blind, unhealthy and mentally unstable." This is just their way of actually stating "My Boxer puppy didn't meet AKC standards, so he's litterally trash and I'm just going to slaughter him."Google "White Boxers" and you will usually find one of two viewpoints: White Boxers are defects and should be avoided like the plague (completely untrue), or (the much more common viewpoint) White Boxers are perfectly normal in every aspect and should be treated equally to colored Boxers in every regard. Sadly, most breeders still don't dare to breed their cherished White Boxers as they are fearful of being "banned" by the Boxer community and the parent club that continues to discourage the breeding of White Boxers simply because they don't adhere to the standard. We believe that to be TRULY White Boxer Friendly you should treat white Boxers as equals in EVERY aspect- including breeding. For a "Standard" is simply one groups' opinion as to how a creature should look- often times placing the animals' health in danger (extreme faced Persian cats are an example of this.) Standards need to be updated to accomodate the animals' health and comfort, and to take in consideration today's purpose for the animals, as in the case of the White Boxer. BOTTOM LINE- White Boxers are NO DIFFERENT than brindles or fawns. They should be treated equally in EVERY aspect- EVEN IN THE WHELPING BOX AND THE SHOW RING FOR THAT MATTER!
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