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* Our breedings we attempted in June '11 were not successful, sadly.
* Maggie has been retired and will finish out her (hopefully MANY) years on our couch :o) She has contributed great things to the breed in her 2 litters and we are very lucky to have her 2 gorgeous daughters to carry on her line.
* We will probably be petting Kona out. Otherwise, We will attempt to breed her, our white Boxer, on her next heat which will most likely be Summer 2012. She we will be bred to our own male, Martial, if all goes well! That litter should yield flashy brindles, whites, and checks.
* We plan to pet Maiden as well. Otherwise, we will breed Maiden and possibly Veda when they enter their heat which could be anytime. If Martial is mature enough at that time, he will be used. We will get whites, classic and flashy fawns out of these matings!
* Kihei, our lovely classic sealed brindle (black), will be bred when she is around 2 years of age- again, if all goes accordingly! She will be bred to Martial. This breeding will produce all brindles of various sorts including sealed (black.)

Remember, all time frames depend upon our Boxers! They obviously have the final say in when breedings can take place. We are very hopeful and determined to eventually have more puppies here! It's been a long, tedious wait. But, with any luck at all, the wait will have been well worth it!

May Day's Miss Maggie May
Our Matriarch Bitch Whom Started It All....

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