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We hope you'll take the time to hear Diesel's story. He is available to an approved home...


A friend of mine called Saturday, 12/10/11 in tears when she learned that a family member was at wit’s end and literally moments away from shooting Diesel because he fought with a smaller dog in the home, and then snarled at his Pit Bull sister. Luckily, the smaller dog is doing great with very minor injuries. My friend stated she couldn’t allow this, and was planning on bringing him in for euthanasia as no one was able to take him in.

Despite having quite a full plate at the moment, I decided to take him on and work through his issues. I don’t think dog-aggression on this level warrants euthanasia. I plan on blogging on this page about him. This is something I don’t typically do, but I don’t typically have a dog like Diesel. Diesel is an awesome dog. He’s not shy or at all fearful, but rather an outgoing friendly, fun, loving boy. The qualm with Diesel is that he has never been told what to do. He’s never had that firm hand, discipline and upbringing from a leader who sets rules and tolerates no bad behaviors. He was allowed to roam around the house doing whatever he liked, wherever and whenever, never crated, and free feed. His 80 lbs is hefty, he should be around 70-73 lbs. He was never told what to do. He’s never had those nail trimmings or other routine tasks that tend to bring behavioral issues to the surface. Now, at 1 years of age, it’s going to be slightly challenging getting a sizeable 80 lb male Pit Bull to convert to a home with rules.

I wasted no time in pushing buttons. Diesel was pilled with a flea/HW preventative and was fine with that. Then, I took out the nail trimmers. Oh those dreaded nail trimmers. With the snip of each nail he jerked his paw back and got more and more worked up with each cut. I took off just the tips- and got nowhere close to quicking him. I told him NO and firmly restrained him. He kept doing this whining/not-quite-growling thing and then began mouthing my hand. I firmly grasped the nape of his neck and shouted NO!. Diesel rolled over on his back and gave me his tummy. Good boy. He submitted. I am now his leader and he continues to respect my requests. Diesel loves to jump all over people, clawing them with his powerful daggers. He pulls with FORCE on a lead (perhaps weight pulling is in his future??). He barks, whines and talks back quite frequently. Diesel will sit, and sits for me promptly with each request. He stays too. He’s a smart boy and seems to understand phrases. I left him tethered to my door in the kitchen while I ran out to grab a crate. He started to whine. I looked at him and calmly stated “Diesel, NO. I’m coming RIGHT back.” I said this again through the window and he looked at me politely and silently. He stayed like this and greeted me with a tail wag when I returned with his crate. If I hadn’t said that and he hadn’t paid attention, I have all the faith in the world that he would’ve barked, whined and jumped around on that tether the whole time I was getting his crate ready for him. He needs time, patience and most of all- consistent, firm training. I showed him his crate with a cozy blankey and large fresh beef knuckle bone to entertain him. He crates like a pro.

12/13/11 Update-

Diesel continues to show promise and signs of improvement. He sleeps crated at night and finds comfort and security in his crate- of course! He spends time out with me loose in the home or tethered to a specific area (usually the kitchen- where I can keep an eye on him!). He can't be trusted around smaller animals. He was tethered in the kitchen watching me play with the Buggs in the other room. He began lunging on his lead and growl-barking aggressively. I stared him down and told him to lay down. He averted his gaze almost immediately, whined, then laid down silently. He's proven to be very responsive and obedient. 
He fears the Persians. He has only briefly walked through their room, on a close tether. He walks very gingerly by them. He still tries to jump on me, but quickly stops the moment I sharply blurt "Down!" He looks to me for commands and his expression seems to ask "Ok, what now?" He's not had any accidents in the home or crate thus far- although he has only eaten a small meal and drank a bit. He pooped once. He is still quite out of his element, and it will take a little time for him to relax into this new strange place.


Diesel continues to make mountains of progress daily. His only real qualm now is whining in his crate when he knows I'm letting other dogs out and he wants out NOW. He is never allowed out of the crate when he whines. He knows to remain quiet if there is any chance to be let out. He loves large marrow bones and is quite apt at getting out every last bit of marrow. He also enjoys pig ears. 

He respects the cats and allows them to eat out of his bowls. He also licks them. He's never shown any kind of aggression towards them. Dogs that push his buttons are small dogs that are fast or flighty. He doesn't tend to mind an adult Boxer walking by his crate, but if the Boston darts by he barks, lunges and gets quite worked up. Diesel should do well in a home with another large female dog or as an only dog. He is a cuddle bug and loves lounging on the sofa! He's never had an accident in the house and overall has quite nice house manners. Occasionally he will place his paws on the counter to check for goods, but responds well to 'Down.' Let us know if you'd like to add this ham of a man to your home! He's ready anytime.

Diesel had another nail trim yesterday. Whoa- talk about improvement! He started to get worked up, whining, acting antsy and then nibbled at the trimmers the moment I picked up his foot. I calmly stated "No. You're fine. You're fine." He calmed almost immediately and I was able to trim all feet with no problems. I was so happy with him! As soon as that last nail was trimmed I was all over him like white on rice, just praising and cuddling- then tossed him a rawhide which he marched around with triumphantly. He's used to his routine now and is getting better with whining while crated. He's such a good boy and a pleasure to have in the home.

Diesel is neutered, and fully vaccinated but will need an update. He’s in great health, a young, jovial 2 year old with gorgeous white teeth, the prettiest black/white markings and a wonderful build/structure. I do believe that he is capable of making the right home an EXCELLENT loyal guardian and pet. I will be updating this page as frequently as my now busier schedule allows! If you would like to be considered for acquisition of Diesel, please email me. I will be asking a $200 adoption fee to go towards my time invested, his care, preventatives, supplements, treats, quality diet, etc.

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