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We hope you'll take the time to read about our small, solid Boxer breeding program!

Victory Shines Vaunt Veda
Getting in a little air time at 14 weeks of age.


We are small scale breeders in Maine aiming towards producing very high quality puppies in each breed we offer, far exceeding their owner's expectations with regards to temperament, health and beauty. We take great pride in the quality of Boxers that we are raising. Sadly, working in the Veterinary Field, I’ve seen too many poorly bred puppies ending up with genetic conditions requiring costly medical treatment and heartache. You can be certain that your Professional puppy came from a well prepared mating between 2 very healthy, sound dogs. We’re always willing to provide proof via Veterinary Records of our dog’s health and quality to serious buyers, and invite you to read only a few reviews on our puppies via the Testimonials page. While it's always possible for health issues to arise, we take many percautions to help ensure only the healthiest, most sound dogs are bred. We rarely have litters available (usually 1 litter every 2 years). Our puppies we produce are intended as treasured pets only, and any going into pet homes are not allowed for breeding. Neutering contracts are required. However, we are now willing to occasionally place breeding quality pups into qualified breeding homes. Each of our puppies are priced individually according to type/markings/color/etc. Our prices vary considerably depending upon the breed and bloodline we are working with. ($1000-$2,500) 

We require a submitted puppy application prior to placing one of our Boxer puppies. We don't view it as a "sale" because there is an approval process, and not all requests for one of our puppies are granted. We reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason. We want to make certain all of our puppies are going to permanent, forever homes with adequate time, resources and facilities to provide for their Boxer throughout it's whole lifetime. There are far too many Boxers and other breeds/species needlessly filling animal shelters because they came from back-yard breeders who never adequately screened homes. If for whatever reason your Professional puppy can no longer be kept by you, we require notification so we can be involved in the re-homing process or take him/her back ourselves! All of our puppies are placed on contracts, and we require updates (at least annually- but preferably more frequently.) We take the creation of new lives very seriously, and maintain a level of responsibility to each puppy we produce throughout it’s entire life. We’ll be there for you before, during and long after the acquisition of a Professional puppy.





The care we render to our dogs is always attended to. To say they are our 'pets' is an understatement- they are our lives and the center of our world! We deworm regularly with Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate. Also, vaccines, heartworm 4dx testing, and monthly heartworm prevention are kept as current as possible. We also regularly use only the highest possible quality veterinary grade flea preventatives such as Comfortis, Frontline Plus, Vectra, Parastar or Promeris. Our dogs are our babies! Exercise, grooming, love, attention, training, and healthy snacks and treats are frequently provided. We live in the country, and on good days, our dogs are outdoors enjoying the breeze, chewing on a bone or chilling out . Otherwise, they are usually hanging out in our large mud room which is attached to our garage and leads into their spacious chain-link kennel fenced in backyard which they've taken over! Our dogs have their own beds, blankets, and some of the fanciest (and most expensive!) toys available. They also have crates which we use at night and when we aren't home, they love their crates!

Our puppies are housed in either a spacious whelping box or a large Ex-Pen attached to Great Dane-sized crate for tons of exercise, yet safe and hygienic containment. We also use yards on good weather days so puppies can get used to eliminating outdoors, playing on different terrain, and getting acclimated to daily life in all aspects! They are socialized well, and cleaned at least 4-5 times per day. They too, are fed a premium diet, with free access to fresh water. Their crate is the "potty area" covered with newspapers, while the main floor has soft toys, chews, and cuddly blankets for warm cozy naps that puppies often need! This gives the puppies a wonderfully head start in paper training. Yet with the use of an opened wire crate they really don't associate eliminating there with soiling in a crate, so this doesn't interfere with crate training once they're off into their new homes.




They receive a steady varied high-quality diet containing both raw and veterinary recommended commercial dry food of various formulas with occasional canned. Our Boxers are currently on Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete and Diamond Hi Energy. Our muscular, active Boxers burn calories like no other and they are doing superb on this diet. The Diamond Naturals diets pledge not to use corn, soy, and wheat which are fillers and carbs that dogs do not need much of. We feel this is a great diet for the price and readily available. Our small breeds eat the Diamond Naturals Small Breed. We alternate between this prepared dry and a homemade BARF diet. For those who haven't heard of BARF- don't be alarmed, it's not vomit! Rather, and acronym for Bones And Raw Food. These foods include- uncooked poultry (meat, bones, organs, skin and fat), ground beef, fish, eggs w/shells, etc. We also use small quantities of raw vegetables like green beans, turnip, sweet potatoes, etc. Then, essential fatty acids and oils such as Welactin, Salmon Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed oil, Olive oil and Vegetable or Canola oil.We also use Petform vitamins, and our eldest girl receives a Glucosamine supplement. Because our Boxers are always on the lean side, we add in whole milk yogurt to balance the gut bacteria and add calories. Our dogs thrive on this well-balanced, healthy and varied diet.

A lot of emphasis is placed on “brand names” in the pet food industry. We’ve used numerous dog foods with our Boxers in the past from Science Diet, Eukanuba Boxer and Nutro to Royal Canin, Natural Balance and Avoderm. Our dogs did well on it, but really not as great as you’d expect for $3+ a lb. Our Veterinarians have taught us that it’s not just about what you are feeding, but how your individual dog is thriving on it. You could be feeding Royal Canin or Solid Gold, and while these are expensive quality diets- what if they aren’t right for your dog? Signs of potentially needing to consider a new diet consist of: excessive gas, soft stools, poor or dull hair coat, dry/flaky skin, and even things like needs for repeated anal sac expressions, chronic ear infections or tartar/plaque can all be heavily attributed to diet. When our Vet examined our last litter, he was very impressed by their shiny, soft hair coat and healthy, vibrant non-flaking skin. He immediately asked what they were eating, and when I stated Purina Puppy Chow he felt that this quality diet doesn’t get enough credit for the high level of nutrition it provides. Don’t be distracted by price tags or fancy packaging when choosing a pet food for your puppy.




Did you know that the breeder has a huge responsibility for adequately socializing your puppy? This is because the primary socialization period is crucial between 5-13 weeks of age. At this time- puppies are like little sponges- gathering all of the information they can about the world and what it has to offer. The things that your puppy is exposed to will impact what type of temperament he/she develops and his/her opinion of the world. This is why we believe in lots of socialization and environmental stimuli! Getting puppies used to handling, nail trims, walking on leashes, basic commands such as "Sit" and "Come" are all very important! Meeting lots of new people including children, adults, and other animals are also important. After our puppies have received their first vaccines, we usually begin taking them out in public, to visit Pet Stores so that they can become well adjusted family Boxers! Of course- all the socialization in the world cannot combat poor genetics. If your puppy is from skittish or aggressive parents- do not expect anything different from your puppy. It's crucial that your puppy is from solid, temperamentally healthy bloodlines; sound in both bodies and minds.

Professional Boxers is very privileged to be owned by some of the healthiest, most temperamentally sound Boxers imaginable. While each has their own unique personality, we can with 100% confidence say all are trustworthy, reliable and very healthy! Visit “Our Boxers” to read about and view each of our amazing Boxers.

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