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Meet Mackenzie


Mackenzie is our latest addition. She is a superb purebred female Rottweiler born 4/1/11. Mackenzie has so much going for her and we are very happy to have added this big, beautiful Rotti to our home! She has the personality of a butterfly, loves to socialize with a calm, laid back demeanor and keeps us laughing for sure! She has found a great friend in Maggie, our eldest Boxer. To watch them romp around is just adorable! Mackenzie physically brings a lot to the table. She has immense size, wonderful legs, perfectly ultra tight feet, flawless scissors bite with a nice head, muzzle and ear setting. Her topline is correctly leveled as standard calls for. She has a lot of filling out to do, but we have confidence this young lady will mature into the gorgeous dog that she is developing into!


While our main focus will continue to be our Boxers, we do hope to breed Mackenzie once she has fully matured! If you would like to be considered for one of her puppies, please let us know. Additionally, if you have a suitor near the Bangor, Maine area- we are keeping our eyes open for the perfect gentleman when the time is right!


This is our girl's mom, Jazzy! We hope to acquire a photo of her sire soon!

Submit your application to be considered for addition to our next litter's waiting list.

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